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Postscript: Jeanne Moreau, a Grande Dame of the French New Wave, Dies at the Age of Eighty-Nine | The New Yorker


It looks like The Atomium in Brussels has been given a bit of a shine since I was there a lot of years ago.


This is some really beautiful music and song-writing. And it's free to download. London Song | Big Big Train


This is great. Yes, Jon Anderson’s Musical Adventure Isn’t Over — Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin — Overcast


This might put some noses out of joint but if you're calling people who don't vote SNP or want independence "traitors" then you're no better than right wing nationalists.


Are there any webby/bloggy people here who would like an invite to ?


The UK idiocracy is claiming Ode To Joy is "disrespectful". This makes me love it even more.


I wish I'd discovered Known before trying to revivify my Wordpress site. It seems to do everything I want right "out of the box".


Here's another interesting test post from Quill.


I wonder if Known could replace my Wordpress site. I need to think about the gains and losses.