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This is great. Yes, Jon Anderson’s Musical Adventure Isn’t Over — Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin — Overcast


@JohnRiggsj Only 8 so not so smug face.


@MothTwiceborn @Chrysoprasias 27/30. Stumped by Tool and The Moody Blues.


@TonyIsch Are you working in a cave today?


Beach Boys: After ‘Smile’ |

"If you wanted to isolate an individual moment that summed up the curious position of the Beach Boys vis à vis the changing modes of youth culture in 1967, you might come up with the one in “Darlin'”, a single released in that pivotal year, when Carl Wilson sings a phrase written by Mike Love which lands precisely in the space between a letterman’s sweater and a paisley kaftan, between the disappearing culture and the emerging one: “You’re so doggone outtasight…”


This might put some noses out of joint but if you're calling people who don't vote SNP or want independence "traitors" then you're no better than right wing nationalists.


Are there any webby/bloggy people here who would like an invite to ?


@m1kecollins @WhiteRhinoTea Oh mine too. It seems to have been buried under a mountain of 90's dross.